Split Coast Castles: Nehaj Tower (Croatia)

At the western end of the series of little castles and fortresses lined up on the coast between Split and Trogir, you can find this tower named Nehaj in the town Kaštel Štafilić.

This compact Dalmatian stronghold was built by the brothers Ivan and Ludovik Lodi in 1548. (Un)fortunately, this fort was never finished but only built up to the first floor. Between the tower and the shore, the area was gravelled and a small marina as well es a beach were built to both the west and the east side of the tower.


The only entrance is located on the western facade. It became property of the noble Split family Papalić at the end of the 17th century who built their house opposite of the tower in 1680. A fortified village with gardens evolved at the seaside.


Impressive side fact: The town of Kaštel Štafilić holds the oldest olive tree in the world: a 1500 year old tree that still bears fruit every year.

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