Bentheim Castle (Germany)

Mentioned in 1050 for the first time, Bentheim Castle offers a rich history to retrace, which is broadly displayed all over the passages, rooms and cells across the building.

You can find books, coins and other items from a time long ago (such as the golden mug from Gölenkamp below).

But there is also an impressive art exhibition from gopea, a wonderful project supporting young artists.


Here are the key facts:

Official Name: Burg Bentheim (German) / Bentheim Castle (English)

Status:  Museum and Event Location

Owners: Counts and Princes of Bentheim and Steinfurt, for over 500 years

Opening Hours: 10 a.m. – 5/6 p.m.

Guide: Audio Play in the alchemy room, guided tours (not during Corona times)

Prices:  3,50 € – 5 € (excl. guided tours), free admission for children under 6

Dogs are welcome 🙂

Parking: Available in the city

Explore the castle at night by torchlight and meet a real-live prince, while learning more about the history of this romantic location. And of course, this is the perfect wedding location!

Size Fact: Burg Bentheim is the largest hilltop castle in the northwestern Germany region.

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