Split Coast Castles: Cippico Tower (Croatia)

This tower also belongs to the smaller coast castles between Split and Trogir we have been reviewing. As you can see, it is not entirely preserved. Besides its pitiful condition it also misses one defensive element: a machiolation.

In the beginning of the 16th century, Pavao Antun Cippico built the tower on some rocks 100 meters from the shore. Above the gate on the northern side stood the Cippico family coat of arms and two reliefs with representations of lions. Both the southern and the northern facade of the second floor used to be adorned by Renaissance balconies.


The tower had two entrances: The southern exit facing the sea, and the northern one facing the land, formerly only accessible via a wooden drawbridge. Cannonholes were embedded in the ground floor. This way, the tower and its fortified surroundings were able to protect the circumjacent farmers and provide security for a whole city which was officialy named Kaštel Novi (New Castle).


Additional historical fact: In the 19th century the tower became property of the Katalinić family which built wine storage warehouses on the shore, on its eastern side.

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