Kronborg Castle (Denmark)

Also known as Hamlet’s Castle, Danish Kronborg Castle guards the entrance of Øresund. You can visit the cosy city of Helsingør and reach Swedish Helsingborg by ferry within a few minutes.

But first, let’s explore the castle!

As you can see, the castle is open in winter time as well, and despite the endless rain, a really nice place to visit on your trip to Denmark.

  • Official Name: Kronborg Slot (Danish) / Kronborg Castle (English)
  • Status:  Museum, Hamlet’s Castle
  • History: Was a royal castle until 1785. The castle and its surroundings became military property until 1923. After that, Kronborg became a Maritime Museum, before it was accepted as a UNESCO site of world heritage.
  • Opening Hours: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
  • Guide: There are daily tours and guided tours
  • Prices:  85-145 DKK, children <18 free, also included in Copenhagen Card.
  • Special Recommendation: Visit the gift shop, it has the cutest souvenirs.
  • Parking: Available in front of the castle, parking fee applies.

From the somewhat spooky casemates beneath the castle, containing an impressive statue of mythical and slumbering warrior Holger the Dane (see above), to the tower with its 148 steps, and all the rooms in between with their opulent paintings and carpets, you can truly visit the highs and the lows of the history of the castle.

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