Ljubljana Castle (Slovenia)

In the heart of Europe lies Slovenia, and in the heart of Slovenia there is this unbelievably cute and magical (capitol) city called Ljubljana. Both the city and its castle honor its dragon. But don’t worry, it has been defeated a long time ago.

If you  want to visit the caste, you should walk up the hill for roughly 15 minutes or take a 4-minute-ride on the funicular railway. Arriving at the castle, you can explore lots of interesting permanent and alternating exhibitions or take a stroll around the castle and watch the city peacefully from above. At the end of the day, enjoy the romantic sunset, beautifully highlighting the tip of the mountains.

Speaking of exhibitions, castle fans will find a wonderful mini castle exhibition in the lower level of the Ljubljanski Grad.

Experience all Slovene Castles in one place 🙂 Here is a selection:

Here are the key facts:

Official Name: Ljubljanski Grad (Slovene) / Ljubljana Castle (English)

Status:  Public Place, Event Location, Museum

Opening Hours: 9 a.m. – 11 p.m. or shorter

Guide: Virtual Castle

Prices:  13 Euros including Funicular Railway, 9 Euros discount price

Parking: Available in front of the castle and all the way up the hill.

This castle has a lot more to offer: It belongs to the people, so you can also enjoy festivals, concerts, open air cinema and many more cultural outdoor activities. The castle is just the perfect backdrop and hosting scenery.

Or you like a bit of excitement? Take the escape room experience to the next level: Try the Escape Castle!

Fine Dining Fact: Ljubljana Castle offers two excellent restaurants, the Strelec  and the Na Gradu. Explore local cuisine on the highest level.



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