Bogenšperk (Slovenia)


This beautiful Renaissance castle lies in the center of Slovenia. To be exact:

„Practically almost in the heart of Slovenia, on the northern slopes of the Lower Carniola, 1,350 feet above sea level, by the main road link of the Lower Carniola and The Central Sava Valley lies a Renaissance castle Bogenšperk, one of the most important Slovenian cultural monuments.” More


Here is a short overview of the main facts:

Official Name: Bogenšperk (Slovene) / Wagensperg (German)

Opening Hours: between 9 am and 6 pm, or shorter

Guide: self-guided (handout) or guided tour (Slovene, English, German available)

Prices: 4,00 – 5,50 Euros for regular entrance

Parking:  available for free, in front of the castle.

Next City: Smartno pri Litiji. Driving distance from Ljubljana 1h.

Age: the original one (Lithenberk castle) was built in the 12th century, Bogenšperk shortly after the earthquake in 1511

Famous Owners: Mighty Familiy of Lichtenberg (12th century), Noble Wagen Family (15th century), Johann Weikhard or Janez Vajkard von Valvasor (the scientist, famous polymath and a fellow of the Royal Society in London bought it and lived here between 1672 to 1692)

Architectural Style: Renaissance

Events: weddings, business events, rent a castle

Bogenšperk castle is a very inviting yet inconspicuous castle. Depending on the season, you can find large groups of visitors or be on your own and get lost in one of the many rooms to discover. Also, the surroundings are worth being given attention: you can work out on the trim track, visit the ruins of old Lihtenberk castle or just stroll around a bit and enjoy nature. You will have an impressive view since the castle is situated over 400 meters above sea level.

What makes it special aside from its history are the event tours, including a demonstration of handmade paper and printing. You can also go in on your own and explore the equipment as well as Valvasor’s desk (as shown above) when there is no tour available. Furthermore, animated and educational tours for children are bookable.

Fun fact: The oldest piece of the castle is a window up on second floor.


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